Innovative solutions for the serological detection of HPV16 induced cancer


Product Code: LFT-001

CE IVD, For Professional Use Only
4 tests included

  • For the early detection of HPV16 induced cancer
  • High clinical specificity of 99,5% in early cancer stages
  • Easy to use and fast results
Test principle:Competitive immunoassay in form of a rapid test for the qualitative detection of DRH1 antibody equivalents by means of the antibody clone DRH1
Sample material:Capillary blood, venous blood, serum
Sample volume:1 drop blood or 25 µL of serum

Product-related literature

Hilfrich, R.: Hautkrebsvorsorge PLUS − Die Früherkennung  von HPV bedingten Plattenepithelkarzinomen in der dermatologischen Praxis; Akt. Dermatologie 2018; DOI


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