Innovative solutions for the serological detection of HPV16 induced cancer


Product Code: LFT-001

CE IVD, For Professional Use Only
4 tests included

  • For the early detection of HPV16 induced cancer
  • High clinical specificity of over 99% in early cancer stages
  • Easy to use and fast results
Test principle:Competitive immunoassay in form of a rapid test for the qualitative detection of HPV16 L1 antibodies in blood or serum
Sample Material:Capillary blood, venous blood, serum
Sample volume:1 drop blood or 25 µL of serum

From a diagnostics point of view it is irrelevant to detect the very common HPV infections but rather important to identify HPV induced deseases.

The presence of increased HPV16 L1 antibodies is a highly specific indicator for altered cells in patients which have not been vaccinated against HPV. An elevated level of these antibodies is linked to the presence of precancerous lesions or tumors.

While serological methods for the early detection of these HPV induced tumors did not exist in the past, Abviris Deutschland has developed a rapid test for the detection of HPV16 L1 antibodies in blood or serum.

The cut off value of the Prevo-Check® is adjusted to detect relevant antibody levels.

The test’s performance is very good:

  • Clinical specificity over 99%
  • Clinical sensitivity 95%

The high performance is a result of the use of the special antibody clone anti-HPV16 L1. This antibody is directed against a protein which is produced only by cells in which HPV16 has actively affected the cell division. This means that the antibody is only present if a sub clinical HPV16 infection has progressed to a cancer pre-stage or carcinoma.