Innovative solutions for the serological detection of HPV16 induced cancer


- a new Class of Immune Oncology Diagnostics

Extensive know-how and expertise in HPV diagnostics and our own cancer research led to 3 registered patent families and proprietary immunological components, which underpin the exceptional quality of Abviris test systems.

Key characteristics are:

  • Only one drop of blood or serum needed to perform a systemic entire-body screen to detect HPV16-induced cancer
  • Clinically proven specificity of over 99% and sensitivity of 95% (determined with > 5000 patients in multiple clinical trials)
  • Results are available within minutes, right at point of care
  • Robust test design and easy handling
  • Patented and CE marked

Prevo-Check® is the first diagnostic test that enables entire-body screens for the early detection of these cancer types.