Deseases caused by HPV

Deseases caused by HPV

What kind of deseases are caused by HPV?

HPV can cause mouth and throat cancer, as well as cancer in the genital and anal area. In Germany 25,000 patients are diagnosed with mouth and throat cancer or cancer in the anogenital area each year.

While in the past patients older than 50 years were usually affected by the desease it is increasingly becoming more common amonst younger patients, too.

How does cancer develop in the mouth, throat and anogenital area?

There are essentially three main factors that are responsible for the development of cancer in the mouth and throat. These are consummation of tobacco and alcohol as well as an infection with the Human Papilloma Virus type 16 (in short: HPV16).

While it may be fairly easy to assess and control your tobacco and alcohol use it is often much more difficult to detect an HPV16 infection or cancer caused by HPV16. The mouth, throat and anogenital region include many hidden areas that cannot be fully examined during visual check ups at your doctor's practice.

Early symptoms and abnormal lesions usually occur at a later stage of tumour development.