Cancer Screening

Cancer Screening

What gets examined and why?

A few years ago doctors have started using a screening test which reliably detects antibodies against HPV in your blood.

Thanks to this test it is easier to detect cancer in its very early stages. This will allow doctors using more conservative therapies compared to the treatment of tumours in advanced stages.

What happens at the check-up?

Just one drop of blood is needed for the screening test. Twenty minutes later the test result will be available.

If HPV 16 antibodies are detected in your blood you will be entitled to further examinations.

What does the result mean?

If the result is normal no indication of cancer caused by HPV16 in the blood could be found.

The routine screening should be repeated once a year. If the result is abnormal HPV16 has begun to influence cell growth in your body.

The early detection of this process is the aim of the screening as this will significantly help the therapy. Your doctor will discuss the next steps with you.