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We use our knowledge in HPV diagnostics realising an optimal cancer patient management.

Abviris addresses the globally increasing problem of cancer caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). We are dedicated to improving the clinical outcomes of patients and enable clinicians worldwide to fight HPV-induced tumours, including head and neck cancer, penile and anal tumours, vaginal and vulvar cancer and of course cervical cancer.

Our patented diagnostics support factors that are key to a favourable prognosis, such as early tumour detection and post-therapy patient management. As pioneers in HPV serology, we develop highly innovative solutions, including Prevo-Check®, the world´s first entire-body screening test for HPV16-induced cancer, which can be performed with a single drop of blood within minutes.


Dec 08

Q4 2020

Diagnostics industry expert Dr Roman Niedbal joins as CEO View news release
Oct 23

Q4 2020

New publication on Prevo-Check®:

Clinical efficacy of an antibody-based detection system for human papilloma virus infection in oral squamous cell carcinoma.

Find out more about the study here.

Oct 16

Q4 2020

Abviris has been voted into the Top 25 of the FOCUS Innovation Prize, a national competition run by one of the three most widely circulated weeklies in Germany.

The competition was judged by a high calibre panel including Jens Spahn, Germany’s Federal Minister of Health.

Jun 11

Q2 2020

Findings from a multicentre European clinical study evaluating the DRH1 tumour marker test have been published in Ebiomedicine, one of the Lancet’s stable of medical journals. Find out more about the study here.

Nov 28

Q4 2019

Study with Prevo-Check® wins “Pilot of the Year” UK Diagnostics Award

Oct 01

Q4 2019

GALS project kick-off for development of US market access strategy

Jul 15

Q3 2019

Kick-off for cooperation between Abviris and DermaMed

Jun 30

Q2 2019

Establishment of Advisory Board

Feb 28

Q1 2019

Pre-Series A Financing

Sep 28

Q3 2018

Launch of business development

Jul 28

Q1 2018

> 5000 study patients enrolled

Sep 28

Q4 2016

Filing patent 3

Sep 28

Q3 2015

> 1500 patients tested in 4 clinical trials

Jul 28

Q2 2015

Test market for Prevo-Check® in Germany

May 28

Q1 2015

International 1st clinical trial

Sep 28

Q3 2014

CE mark


Jul 28

Q2 2014

Abviris foundation